Valkyrie Performance

Accountability Integrity Attitude


Valkyrie Performance Ambassadors

These women embody, live, and represent the values and characteristics of a Valkyrie.


K.C Collins

K.C is an original (OG) Valkyrie Performance athlete and started working with Taylor in October of 2016. At that time K.C was serving as a Deputy Sheriff while obtaining her masters degree. She is currently working for the Secret Service and undergoing chemotherapy treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. K.C is a warrior!


Madeline Hoffman

“Hey Valkyrie community! My name is Maddie Hoffman and I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. I attended Vanderbilt University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and I commissioned via the VUNROTC program. I have been working with Taylor since January of 2018 and haven’t looked back since I started.”


-K.C has a horse named buttercup!

-She is a die hard, dedicated Disney fan. She’s been to Walt Disney World every year since she was born 

- Hobbies include gardening and reading. Once she starts a book, she usually finishes it within a day or two 

Why she loves being a Valkyrie Athlete:

“I took a chance on a midnight shift when I applied to be a Valkyrie athlete back in October of 2016. I was a brand new rookie Deputy and also just starting school for my Master’s. More often than not, my training was sporadic and done at the ungodly hours of 0300. Many times, I thought I would fail. But Taylor instilled in me to run my own race. By being with Taylor and Valkyrie Performance from the beginning, Ive not only watched and been apart as it has flourished but the foundations of what a Valkyrie athlete is and the pillars that uphold its integrity have been instilled in me. During this journey, I have since been hired with the United States Secret Service, graduated with my Masters Degree, and most recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Because I am a Valkyrie athlete, none of this has phased me. I simply continue to “run my own race”. 

What it means to be a Valkyrie Ambassador:

“What Taylor has built with Valkyrie Performance is something beautifully unique and inherently special. A program designed to not only make females physically strong but a program to wholeheartedly lift the soul of a woman. For those of us that work in male dominated fields we know how detrimental it can be to not only be physically strong but mentally strong as well. To be given this opportunity by Taylor to act as a representative for a program that I hold near and dear to my heart is a blessing and honor. To be a Valkyrie Ambassador is to encompass what a Valkyrie is: a goddess of war, a defender, an envelopment of strength and beauty.” 

FUN FACTS about Maddie

- She was a high school theater and choir kid, singing and music was her life. Even though it’s no longer her main focus, she can recite every word to the musical Hamilton! 

- Growing up, she attended summer camp for seven years and did a sport called “Vaulting” which is gymnastics on horseback.

- She plans to get a tattoo of a Valkyrie because this experience has meant so much to her. 

- Outside of military and lifting things, her hobbies include cooking and traveling! She has been to 10 different countries and cannot wait to keep going! 

-Favorite workout:  Hero WOD - DT. Anything with running, pull ups and deadlifts.

Why she loves being a Valkyrie athlete:

“Where do I begin? Valkyrie on a personal level challenges me to be a better person. Not only physically but also morally and mentally. It is about creating the whole woman, the woman who has an impenetrable mind and a strong body. It is so so special and I have seen big increases in my self confidence and awareness as well as my physical game. 

On a community level Valkyrie allows me to connect with amazing women pursuing similar goals. We can lift each other up and redefine what being a woman in male-dominated fields looks like, and that’s pretty cool!” 

What is means to be a Valkyrie Ambassador: 

“For me, this opportunity is about continuing to be myself and learn from Taylor but also to commit to excellence in all elements of my life. I also want so badly to be a resource for women so it means a lot to be recognized within a community of women I respect so much. I am going to keep working as hard as possible to be the best Marine I can be and the best Valkyrie I can be as well. “