Valkyrie Performance

Accountability Integrity Attitude

WEEK 1 of Starter Package:

Day 1: Max Effort Lower


1RM Wide Stance Box Squat


A) 3RM Front Squat

B) 3x10 ea leg Front Rack BB walking Lunges

C) 4x25 Banded KB swings (35 or 53lbs)

D) 4x25  Banded Good Mornings


1 Mile Run for time 

Day 2: Dynamic Effort Upper


9x3 (3x3 at each grip) Speed Bench at 50% of 1RM Bench + Bands from the bottom

Grips include- 3x3 @ close, 3x3 @ medium, 3x3 @ wide (Rest 30 sec btwn sets)


A) 3xME Wide Grip Strict Pull Ups (use band if needed) 

B) 3x 8-10 inverted, feet elevated , rows. (wide grip thumbless)

C) 3x10 Bent Over BB rows - Overhand

D) 4x20 Side Rear Delt Raises with 5lbs


2,000m Row For Time 

Day 3: Active recovery/Skill Work

  • 10 Minutes Mobility Work (Lacrosse Ball, Foam Roll, Band work) 
  • 20 Minutes of Rowing/Biking/Running at a Conversational Pace
  • 20 Min EMOM:
    • Min 1: 30 Seconds FLR
    • Min 2: 30 Seconds Flutter Kicks in Hollow Hold
    • Min 3: 30 Seconds R Side Plank
    • Min 4: 30 Seconds L Side Plank 
    • Rest Remaining 30 seconds of each minute 
  • 10 Minutes Stretching 

Day 4: Dynamic Effort Lower


A) Max Height- Seated Box Jump

Do NOT Jump until failure- recommend filming yourself and make advancement calls based on video

B) 12x2Wide Stance Box Squats at 50% of 1RM +  bands from bottom (30-60 seconds rest btwn sets)

C) 8x1 SPEED deadlifts(conventional) at 40% bar weight + bands from the bottom (rest 30 seconds btw sets)


A) 3x8 Each Leg BB Backloaded, rear foot elevated bulgarian split squats

B) 3x8 STRICT Glute Ham Raises on GHD

C) 3x20 Reverse Hyper 


50 Calorie Assault Bike For Time 

Rest 1:1 Then Complete-

20 seconds hard/20 seconds easy on bike for 10 minutes - Record Total Calories

Day 5: Max Effort Upper


1RM Floor Press- Regular Grip, Straight Bar


A) 3x10 Close Grip BB Floor Press

B) 3x8 DB Bench Press on Flat Bench (Neutral/Close Grip) 

C) 3x8 DB Tate Press 

D) 4x25 Banded Tricep Push Downs (Extensions)




Thrusters at 65#

Pull Ups (Modified= use bands or complete jumping pull ups)