Valkyrie Performance

Accountability Integrity Attitude

"Helping women overcome barriers in order to become effective leaders in male dominated environments."

TIER 1: Monthly Programming

Conjugate Strength + Aerobic Capacity

5 days a week

Access to True Coach for tracking

Movement coaching and feedback via our strength and conditioning specialist

PRICE: $30 a Month

TIER 2: Monthly Programming + Leadership Consulting

*Everything Tier 1 Includes

Unlimited email access to the coaching staff of Valkyrie Performance.

Plus: The option to schedule one on one calls for $50 per call.

PRICE: $100 a Month

TIER 3: Monthly Programming + Life Coaching

Tier 3 Athletes will receive all access that Tier 1 and 2 Athletes receive.

Plus: a personalized folder shared via google drive with assigned journal prompts, tasks, shared goal setting documents and recommended readings.

Tier 3 Athletes will be working very closely with their life coach and have the option to conduct 1 call monthly, 1 call every other week, or 1 call every week.

PRICE: Prices range based on package option. Packages range from $225-$350 a month.

I understand what it is like to be the only woman in the room. I understand the unique challenges presented when earning respect from men in military environments. I want to help women overcome those obstacles.
— Taylor Galadyk, owner valkyrie performance

See what my clients are saying


Paige Kovalsky 

George Washington Softball Player, Officer Candidate School Graduate pending United States Marine Corps Commission upon graduation Spring of 2017

I’ve been working with Taylor for 3 months, and in that time I’ve increased my physical and mental strength beyond what I thought possible in such a short amount of time. Taylor keeps us accountable and provides just the right amount of support and motivation when it is needed most. She provides useful feedback on every single workout, which keeps my workouts on track because I know she is actively following my progress. I am so fortunate to have Taylor as my coach and I look forward to improving even more on her program.
— Kaylyn Krzemien 2ndLt United States Marine Corps
Through Taylor’s programming I’ve found a mentor who trains me not only physically, but mentally as well. Her knowledge and passion to help other women reach their full potential is inspiring and contagious. She is the type of person you get a little extra motivated for because you don’t want to let her down. She is someone who leads by example and gives continual support day in and day out and from this I have found the type Marine and person I aspire to be.

Lauren Schoener

Staff Sergeant United States Marine Corps 

Choices in life are often complicated. For every selection, there is inevitably a reciprocal action. I was working a midnight shift when I went out on a limb and applied for Taylor’s programming. I never thought much would come from it, but life is entertaining. Choosing Taylor as my coach has not only changed my outlook on fitness and what my body is capable of but she has empowered me as a woman. Taylor isn’t just improving my life physically, but is a blessing that is helping me to become a better wife, daughter, sister, deputy… a better person.
— -Deputy Sheriff K. Collins
Taylor’s programming has completely rewired and changed my outlook on progression and success as an athlete. She takes the time and effort to learn the strengths of her athletes, in addition to their personal lives, to better attack their weaknesses. Whenever I have a question, Taylor is quick to answer and guide me to a solution. I have a pretty hectic schedule and there’s been multiple times taylor has made the program to fit my individual needs. I have seen my body change since I began in October, but more drastic has been the mental toughness I’ve begun to build. I’m loving each day, pushing myself past my own perceived limitations, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer corporate or team training?

Yes, email me for more information,

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Do I need equipment for Valkyrie programs?

Yes, average gym equipment is required.  Bands are recommended and can be purchased on WestSide Barbell's Website or Amazon. If purchased through WestSide Barbell, use code TMD12%OFF to save. 

Do you offer online training?

Yes, I offer daily workouts as well as many specialty programs.


I can’t do one Pull Up yet, can I still participate in this training?

YES, there will always be modifications for movement limitations or restrictions.

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